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[Logic Series]

Logical game, with numbers,

the first game of the logic series, do look forward to the next game of the series! Make sure to look out for new games of the Logic Series!

Good way to train your brain and to relief pressure by assimilating into the world of logical and mathematics!

Please report bugs and glitches or give ideas to me at ccheukka@gmail.com

How to play:

At the game interface, you will be shown a bunch of algebras and their corresponding values and some options. The options will either add a number to one or more algebra(s) and subtract a number from one or more algebra(s).During this process, the values of the algebras would be increased eventually. Your goal is to make them all equal to 10. No, it is not that easy as you think, just try it out yourself!


v0.1 --Added basic gameplay; only two algebras avaliable; added how to play interface.

v0.1.1 --Changed GUI; added options to customize GUI colour; fixed introduction bug.

v0.2 --Changed title screen; added copyright; added level unlocking mechanics.

v0.2.1 --Added more levels; fixed level cheating bug.

v1.0 --Added even more levels; added algebras (from 2 to 5).

v1.1 --Refined program; fixed laggy levels selection interface.

v1.1.1 --Added admin mode, along with in-game modification.

v1.1.2 --Added title screen time delay; added introduction on itch.io

v1.1.3 --Added how to play on itch.io; minor changes to GUI.

v1.1.4 --Added changelog for the game; updated how to play on itch.io.

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Published203 days ago
Tagsbatch, logic, number
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Logical Numerics ---by CCheukKa (20 kB)


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